Monday, October 24, 2005

Riff Raff/Nick Sylvester quotes (plus photos of some of my favorite actresses):

In no particular order: Bernadette Peters, Julie Hagerty, Nick Sylvester & Rosanna Arquette:

from interview with drummer Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade:

AT: Aww, are you a drummer or something like that?

RR: I'm a multi-instrumentalist. But you're flying close to the sun here, which is that my father is a drummer. And you look a lot like what my father did when he used to play drums in indie rock bands in the 60s.

AT: Oh wow, OK.


RR: OK. Have you thought of releasing a record of just your drum beats? As a companion record?

AT: I don't know, I don't think I could ever do something like that.


RR: I'm sure you're sick of the Montreal scene stuff, so I'll ask a slightly different version. There seem to be a lot of wolf bands coming out of Montreal. Clearly you guys are the best. But what about the other ones? What's the hierarchy?

AT: I don't think I'm going to say there's any hierarchy. We share rehearsal space with AIDS Wolf, and I recorded some of their recordings, stuff like that. They're all different.

RR: But wolves--

AT: Wolves.

RR: Are there just a lot of them, physically?

(read the whole interview at:


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