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Lutheran (noun) vs. Lutheran (adjective)

From Gene Veith's Blog today -

Lutheran (noun) vs. Lutheran (adjective)

In answer to your question, Dustin, being Lutheran has to do with being a Christian whose sole hope is the Gospel, who has a theology of the Cross rather than Glory (that is, grows closer to Christ in the experience of weakness, suffering, and defeat rather than strength, power, and victory), who has a sense of vocation (that God is in the ordinary tasks of life that He calls us to), who recognizes the depths of human sin and also the depths of God's grace... Someone with at least some of these characteristics I describe can be said to be, figuratively and at least some degree, Lutheran.

Yes, I am aware that Dostoevsky is not a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and that I could not commune with him and he certainly would not commune with me. Yes, I know he was a member of the Russian Orthodox church. But you don't see much salvation by works or even by piety in Dostoevsky's novels. There is a sense in which you don't have to be a Lutheran (noun) to be Lutheran (adjective) . (There is also a sense in which not all Lutherans are Lutheran.)

---- Obviously, this blog is much the latter, and not at all the former. -JAZ

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coming Up Short (another mix)

Coming Up Short (mix) -- Click Me!

1. Disco Power Play: The Crazy Frog
2. Major Swellings: Assquake
3. Osmonds: I, I, I,
4. Alan Parsons Project: Mammagamma Instrumental
5. Roxy Music: The Main Thing
6. Eno / Byrne: Regiment (@45)
7. Space Art: Laser in November
8. Quartz: Quartz 1
9. New Order: Mesh (@ 33)
10. Kazino: Binary
11. Jerry Harrison: Worlds in Collision
12. Cat stevens: was dog a doughnut
13. Quantum Jump: Lone Ranger
14. Landscape: Japan
15. Giampiero Boneschi: Saturn’s Ambush
16. Polyrock: Rain

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Is boogie allowed on board?" (a mix)

"Is boogie allowed on board?" (mix) -- Click Me!

1. Chalice: Loosen Up
2. Billy Thorpe: Stimulation
3. Greg Kihn Band: Love Never Fails
4. Soft Rocks: Double Gepardou
5. Vivien Vee: Alright
6. Baja: Mascara (vocal)
7. KID: Hupendi Musiki Wangu
8. David Joseph: Live It Up (Nite People)
9. British Colony: Have You Ever Seen Me Dancin'?
10. Suzy Q: Get On Up and Do It Again
11. Mantus: Boogie to the Bop
12. Michael Jackson: Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
13. Chas Jankel: 3,000,000 Synths
14. David Astri: Dancing Digits
15. Purple Flash Orchestra: We Can Make It (instrumental)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A quote from the movie "Patton" (1970), a commentary on particular elements of the blogosphere.

Cartright: "General, I just want to make a report on a private poll I've been taking."

Patton: "Mmm? What poll?"

Cartright: "The fan mail: 11% con 89% pro. And that 11% of protest in most cases is both obscene and anonymous, but the pro letters are mostly from relatives and servicemen."

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