Friday, October 21, 2005

Guys and their ideas...

This guy has the right idea!

This guy, Thomas Cranmer, had the right idea!


father wb said...

...Sartorially anyway.

Jeff Dean said...

Mike Crain owns a camp called "Fort Bluff" in Dayton, Tennessee where I went on my first ever youth retreat. He is much older now and still performing karate.

Here is a link to the camp website:

Here is a link to Mike Crain's most famous "bit", slicing vegetables off the stomach of volunteers using a samuri sword while blind-folded:

For those still interested, I have a photograph signed by both Mike Crain and Michael Jordan, from the rally in North Carolina where Michael Jordan got scared and Mike Crain accidentally sliced his stomach. I won the picture from Mike Crain while at camp for "attentiveness" during his talk.