Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Leander Harding (on PZ) quote:

"I am not an expert on what Paul Zahl has written. He is as far as I can understand quite deeply Lutheran in his theological instincts. He has imbibed Luher’s dramatic style of expression and that may hide some of the subtlety of his thought. He is clearly on the more Protestant side of Anglicanism. He has I think quite intentionally cultivated some real theological diversity at the school. I find PZ quite tolerant if the common ground of dependence on grace and an objective atonement is established. I find that his theology, at least on the conversational level, is animated by a deep compassion for the suffering of fallen human nature and by a over-riding pastoral concern. I do find some of the positions and statements extreme but I find myself in deep sympathy with the pastoral observations and concerns that lie behind much of what I hear him saying."

(photo: mom removes a splinter from dad's foot)

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Aaron M. G. Zimmerman said...

Where did this quote come from?