Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Live from the Coloseum (1983)

Gaz Nevada: I.C. Love Affair

Sandy Marton: People from Ibiza

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out (1982)

Luther quote:

"Here I warn all such as fear God, and especially such as shall become teachers of others, that they learn out of Paul to understand the true and proper use of the law, which I fear, after our time, will be trodden underfoot, and abolished by the enemies of the truth. For even now there are few, even among those who make a profession of the gospel with us, who understand these things rightly." (Commentary on Galatians, p. 205)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Songs about the self from 1983

Will Powers: Adventures in Success (note: this one is pure unadulterated Pelagianism)

Raf: Self Control (note: this one is explained in Article 9 of the 39 Articles where it is stated that "man is far gone from his original state of righteousness. In his own nature he is predisposed to evil, the sinful nature in man always desiring to behave in a manner contrary to the Spirit.")

UK Disco Dance Finals (1979) -- Pure Nazareth!

Notice the professions of each contestant (factory worker in Whales, welder in Bournemouth, etc...), almost like something out of 1984. This little video documents a true (and stirringly tragic) picture of the hopes and dreams of secular industrial England in the late 1970s. One of them got through to the finals.

...and along the same lines, check out this short film about Wigan Casino and the Northern Soul phenomenon:

Supermax: Love Machine (1978)

Mike Francis (casting a Balearic spell in 1984)


Let Me In

Tornados - Robot (1963)

This one has the gospel all over it: robots making out with humans, the fire burning in the midst of life representing the presence of the Holy Spirit, the law comes in at the end and chases away the love (after it has removed its mask), but the hope remains burning thereafter...

Fox the Fox: Precious Little Diamond (1984)

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Amazing Italian Animation from the Eighties!

La Bionda: Wanna Be Your Lover (1982)

Rondo Veneziano: La Serenissima (1983)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Peter Enns quote:

"The way NT authors handle the OT “is somewhat troubling, for it seems to run counter to the instinct that context and authorial intention are the basis for sound interpretation" (114).

(taken from "Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament")

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New Mystery Edit (w/ Love from Me to You)

Click Me!

(note: for some reason, the divshare media player plays the file at a slowed-down speed. Click the "Download Original" button to hear it at the right speed in your itunes after downloading it.)

Quote from The Book of Homilies (1)

"He saith he came not to save but the sheep that were utterly lost, and cast away. Therefore, few of the proud, just, learned, wise, perfect, and holy Pharisees, were save by him; because they justified themselves, by their counterfeit holiness before men. Wherefore good people, let us beware of such hypocrisy, vainglory, and justifying of ourselves. Let us look upon our feet; and then down the peacock's feathers! down proud heart! down vile clay! -- frail and brittle vessels...the true knowledge of ourselves, is very necessary to come to the right knowledge of God."

(taken from "Of the Misery of All Mankind and Condemnation by his Own Sin")

Sun Ra: Space is the Place (1974)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dorothy Martyn quote:

This phrase, "beyond deserving," may be a bit puzzling at first glance. After all, the idea of "deserving" permeates our language and is taken for granted in much of our daily life, from grades at school to rewards for exceptional performance -- such as whether one "deserved" a gold medal or the Nobel Prize -- to our ideas of criminal justice. "He got what he deserved," we might say about some poor wretch sentenced to execution for a foul crime, or about a child who received a humiliating failing grade in English for plagiarizing his term paper. Or, on the positive side, one might say to a friend, "A nice person like you deserves to have such a lovely necklace."

My own fascination with the truth that there is something very important beyond our dewerving began some decades ago when I heard a sermon on the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matt 20:1-6), who all received the same pay from the master, though some had worked a long day, some a half-day, and some just a short part of a day.

The unforgettable gift from that sermon was a new understanding that the major biblical message is about something that cannot be earned. In this parable, "fairness" and "merit" utterly disappear in an in-breaking of a powerful force that transcends "deserving" altogether.

In my decades of working with children and families, the significance of this force has become incarnate before my eyes, as I have seen the superior potency of an approach to a "misbehaving" child that has no element of "this-for-that" implied in it. Thus gradually, over the years, there grew in my head following discovery, which provides the fundamental thesis of the book:

Parental love, and, by extension, all mentoring love, is authentic and effectual in proportion to the degree that it transcends the commonly assumed principle of the circular exchange, that is to say, "this for that." All true love is a stranger to that kind of thinking. The "justice" idea of reward according to what is deserved is replaced by the much more powerful force of noncontingent, compassionate alliance with the essential personhood of the other, however small that part may appear to be, againste the destructive forces opposing that person's good.

(taken from "Beyond Deserving", pp. iv-v)

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Dee D. Jackson: Automatic Lover (1977)

Bill Wyman (1981)

(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rockstar

A New Fashion