Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mike Trojan quote:

"-Tobacco generally makes you weak and tired and gives you bad luck when used recreationally. It is a sacred substance that really should only be used for sacred visions after three days of fasting. For the most part, when you smoke it without first fasting for three days, it:
-- brings bad events to your life that hurt those you love, especially the more innocent of them
-- it makes you physically ugly -- your skin grey, and
-- greatly interferes with one's ability to have relations with the opposite sex
-- drains your bank account
-- exposes your possessions to damage or loss
-- gives you cancer because your bad luck causes your cells -- actually, the suffering molecules that make up the cells -- to revolt against you so that their replicants can escape the prison that your life has become."

--So wait, is he saying that tobacco should only be smoked after a three-day fast?


Anonymous said...

But isn't Mike Trojan a Pelagian?

John Zahl said...

I think so, but the idea is just so funny! Who ever heard of fasting for three days in order to "appreciate" tobacco?! Also, we're all Pelagian (but for the Grace of God).