Saturday, October 29, 2005

Evelyn Waugh quote:

from "Labels"--

(p. 87) "The pyramids are less impressive when seen close. They are a fine sight from the parapet of the citadel at Cairo, where all five groups of them can be seen standing up in the distinct border of the Nile valley, but, as one approaches, one sees that the original facing has only adhered in a few patches, and the whole now give the impression of immense cairns of stone rather than of buildings. The Sphinx is an ill-proportioned composition of inconsiderable aesthetic appeal; and its dramatic value has been considerably diminished since its base was disinterred. The mutilations of its face give it a certain interest. If one had come upon it unexpectedly in some unexplored region, one could be justified in showing mild enthusiasm, but as a piece of sculpture, it is hopelessly inadequate to its fame. People from the hotel went out to see it by moonlight and returned very grave and awestruck; which only shows the mesmeric effect of publicity. It is just about as inscrutable and enigmatic as Mr. Aleister Crowley."

(typed while listening to Liquid Liquid and Wire)


father wb said...

Waugh was being an ass. The pyramids are unimpressive because the facing has come off?! Ridiculous. The first time I saw the pyramids up-close, I was so impressed by their massiveness, I danced a little jig in the sand. The Sphinx: I can take it or leave it.

BTW, did you see that you have made it onto Titusonenine? YOU HAVE ARRIVED. I have been trying to get them to post something about me for almost a year now. How did you do it?

Zadok said...

Titter titter.. 'Evelyn Waugh is a man.'
'So what? why do you have to be such a snob?'