Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For those interested in the differences between Luther and Calvin...



This book review is very helpful for understanding the areas of tension that exist between Luther and Calvin. The book is written by Mike Horton (from the White Horse Inn), who hangs buddy-buddy with lots of Lutherans, like Rosenbladt and Veith. Horton (a minister in the United Reformed Churches of North America; for those curious, the term "Reformed" = Calvin, not Luther, and arguably not Anglicanism either) argues that Calvin's position vis-a-vis a Law-Gospel hermeneutic is pretty similar to Luther's, and that too much has been made of Calvin on the Third Use of the Law. Well, the fellow Calvinist reviewer (Bill DeJong) is having none of it. How dare Horton suggest that Calvin is not wholly other than Luther on these key points (First, the 3rd Use of Law, which refers to the Law's ability to instruct, and, second, that this 3rd Use is Calvin's primary understanding of the Law as it applies to the believer). Dejong explains nicely how this primary understanding of the Law's 3rd Use plays out in church life.

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