Monday, October 24, 2005

Ashley Null quotes:

from "Thomas Cranmer's Doctrine of Repentance"--

(pp. 100-101) "Unlike the scholastic model where the will acting in accordance with right reason in the rational soul was supposed to constrain the passions in the lower sensitive soul, Melanchthon argued that the affections were inextricably joined to the will in the same faculty. As a result, these inner attitudes of the human heart determined the will's direction which then had power over the other faculty of reasoning as well...the passions of the heart ultimately determined human conduct, an affection could only be 'overcome by a more vehement affection'. Paris had been able to put away his love for Oenone only because he became overcome by a more vehement affection for Helen of Troy. Yet because of original sin's thoroughly corrupting legacy, humankind had one overarching affection that twisted every other affection into its service -- the affection of self-love. With reason and will both captive to the concupiscence of the flesh, only the intervention of an outside force, the Holy Spirit, could give humanity a new set of godly affections."

(p. 107) "It is highly unlikely that Osiander would have permitted Cranmer to marry into his extended family had not the Englishman's views been compatible with his own Protestant theology."

(typed while listening to Black Hearts Procession)

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