Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quotes from Steven Paulson & Eberhard Jungel

"If I were speaking today of love, which bears all things, I could perhaps say that the Joint Declaration (and its confusion of law and gospel) 'is being economical with the truth'." (Paulson, p. 104, from The Gospel of Justification in Christ)

"There's a position on this matter which one encounters among English-speaking exegetes. According to this view, the message of justification was limited to setting aside the Jewish 'identity markers' (e.g., cirmcumcision, Sabbath observance, etc.) for Gentile Christians, but it had no relevance to Jewish Christians. This view, I believe, founders on the fact that Paul speaks of the justification of the ungodly in the same context as he speaks of the justification of Abraham (Rom. 4:5). Furthermore, it would be difficult to grasp why, in Galatians and Romans, Paul, with his systematic interpretation of the Gospel as a message about the Cross that justifies sinners, had undoubtedly devoted so much attention to such a subject." (Jungel, p. xxxi-xxxii, Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith)

p.s., Hooray! Simeon has arrived for Thanksgiving (see above for further details).

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket (mix) - Click Me to Download!

(Pt. 1 – “Waiting for Guffman” intro)
1. Fern Kinney: Baby, Let Me Kiss You
2. Love International: Dance on the Groove (and do the funk)
3. Rosebud: Money
(Pt. 2 – “Swamp at Dusk”)
4. Liquid Mask: Just-A-Moment
5. Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out
6. Jerry Harrison: Worlds in Collision
7. Cat Stevens: Was Dog a Doughnut?
8. El Coco: Love Vaccine
(Pt. 3 – “Optimum Aviary”)
9. Harry Thuman: Underwater (@ 33)
10. That Thing: That Thing
11. Discotheque: Disco Special
12. Queen Samantha: Take a Chance
13. (This one is a surprise, but my hunch is that you'll recognize it!)

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Dream Chimney

For those interested in excellent (often obscure) music, you might consider visiting (click me!). I am now one of their contributors, under the name: "JAZ Chimney", and will be posting new songs daily from here on out. xoxoxo