Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog-comment tensions reach fever pitch on TitusOneNine (K. Harmon's thoughtful response quoted):

Yesterday, one of the threads on this blog was completely taken off topic by two posters. Frankly when the webelves brought it to my attention today and I reread the thread I could not believe it.

I have written both posters the following email:

“Yesterday [you] got in one of the most unhelpful back and forths I have seen in the blog comments here on titusonenine in a long time with another poster, [ ], who also was abusing the blog environment.

May I please caution you about this.

Please keep blog comments on topic.

Please do not make personal remarks about other posters.

Please try to use a tone of commenting which will promote understanding and helpful interaction and listening, i.e. avoiding sarcasm and condescension.

If necessary, further response will be taken.

Thank you


The Rev. Dr. Kendall S. Harmon

cc [ ]

The thread was so ruined by these comments and that I have deleted the comments and returned it to some semblance of sanity, graciousness, and order.

I now wish to say something to the reasserters on this blog who comment. Part of the way the tragic struggle through which Anglicans are going is effecting us is in producing what may be termed “addicts to despair.” You know what I mean. It is almost as if people get in the place where they seem to value disorder and chaos for its own sake; where there is a continuing loss of perspective; where there is, yes, a loss of faith that God is in charge of the world.

The end of this downward spiral is a kind of depression in which the participant is full of anger which manifests itself in pessmism, cynicism, and a brutal sarcasm.

This is a plea to those of you to whom this applies. Christians are people of hope, which in the Bible means confidence grounded in the character of God. Some of the commenters here appear hopeless or at least nearly so, and their comments are such that other people who read the blog lose their motivation to do so.

He or she who has ears to hear how this may apply to them, let them consider the words. And if it does not apply thanks for reading and sorry for the hurly burly element of the blog. We are trying to work at it and we still have not gotten to where we need to with the comments–KSH.

---How exactly does one go about getting "webelves"? I want some! JAZ

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