Thursday, October 20, 2005


Crumpets are currently my favorite thing about life in England! Have you ever eaten one? They toast beautifully! They are chewy in the middle, even a little spongy, which is a perfect texture! Also, thanks to their extremely pourous surface, butter spreads evenly on them, and is absorbed in a way that is just wonderful. It's as if the crumpet were a very fair-minded butter vacuum. Also, they have this slightly salty/slightly yeasty flavor that just takes everything (i.e., the Apricot preserves) to the next level! Yesterday, I ate 7 of them...(don't make me stop!).


Tom Becker said...

Talk to Thomas Cunningham about crumpets. : )

Hans-Georg Gadamer said...

Where did you get those things? they sound unbelievably sweet!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear of an English food, (of which most I have only read about through the years but never tasted) which sounds delicious. So many things--scones, for example--or tea biscuits--- sound delightful but are actually tasteless. I am also still trying to overcome the experience of my first taste of Turkish Delight---what a joke. I actually bought some for my children at World Market (Amer. store w/delicacies from all over), thinking that the wrapper said "Full of Easter Promise"....I thought that was so neat, esp. being Narniophiles. Not only was the candy completely "D-double-D-sgusting", according to them, but the wrapper actually reads "Full of EASTERN promise" It's sort of a medicine-y tasting jelly with a thin chocolate coating. Yuck