Thursday, November 17, 2005

Show Me On The Doll (online mix of unposted favorites pt. 1)

Show Me On The Doll (Online favorites pt. 1) -- Click Me!

1. The Herbaliser: 40 Winks (No Sleep Vadim remix)
2. RJD2: Making Days Longer
3. ? (BBC radio excerpt): Soft Weade Factor
4. ?: It's Beautiful
5. Hairy Diamond: Givin' Up
6. Foster Sylvers: Misdemeanor
7. Waajeed and the Bling 42 Orchestra: Scales
8. Madvillain: Brain Damage
9. Electric Chairs: So Many Ways
10. Colourbox: Speaker
11. Prince: The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
12. Japan: My New Career
13. Strafe: Set It Off
14. Liquid Mask: Just a Moment
15. Dennis Wilson: Companion

total length: 42 minutes

(cover photo by D. Colligan)


Tim Galebach said...

Best mix yet? I'll say yes. I loved "Set It Off", as well as the opening instrumentals.

John Zahl said...

Thanks Tim! Of all my blog supporters, I think you are my favorite. I've got more mixes on the way, including an on-slaught of the funniest music ever recorded. It's lethal! JAZ