Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hip-Hop Mix (with 80s-style production, i.e., lots of synth, bounce, casio, vocoder, beat box, hand-claps, etc.) - click the link below:

Hip-Hop Mix

1. Latyrx: Lady Don't Tek No
2. Asheru: Mood Swing
2. Phil Da Agony: Net Weight
3. Quasimoto: Greenery
4. De La Soul: Shopping Bags
5. Blackalicious: Whole House Freeze
6. Madvillain: Money Folder (Four Tet remix)
7. Eric Sermon: Get the Money
8. ?: Ghetto Dwellers (Madlib remix)
9. Raekwon: Rap Niggaz (Madlib remix)
10. Slum Village: Let's
11. Four Tet (feat. Percee P): A Joy (Koushik remix)
12. Killah Priest: Greyhound pt. 2 (freestyle)

total length: 32 minutes

note: This mix contains a lot of foul language, lewd morality, and mature content. If that kind of thing disturbs you normally, please don't listen to it, as I doubt this will prove exceptional. The emphasis here, is on 80s-style production in hip-hop, not lyrical content. JAZ

p.s., If the link doesn't work, I can email you a copy. Just put your address in a comment, and I'll delete your comment once I've sent it to you.


Tom Becker said...

Sweet mix. Link worked great today.

Geoffrey said...

I'd love to have this mix! My email's wyclefgeoff@yahoo.com

How are you related to Simeon? I lived in Currier House the same time he did at Harvard.

Great website by the way, and wonderful music taste. Keep up the great work!