Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More from Fitz Allison:

from "The Cruelty of Heresy"--

(p. 32) "Adoptionism reduces the essential significance of Jesus Christ to an 'example' for his followers to obey. Those who so do will be similarly rewarded with 'sonship' and divine acceptance. Adoptionism makes of Christianity a religion of control rather than a religion of redemption and reduces morals to moralism. Christianity becomes a grim striving for a goal never to be reached and is preoccupied with symptoms of sin rather than an attempt to treat the human condition that produces sins. It is always reductionist: it reduces mystery to rationality, unity to a hope for unity, joy to striving, religion to law, and liberty to bondage."

(p. 114) "A New York jazz pianist once observed, 'God never comes when you want him, but he's right on time.' All of us caught in the agonies of God's failure to come on our schedule become especially susceptible to the seduction of the Apollinarian hope that we will be saved without being changed, without our wills being changed through the painful stretching of our time into God's."

--Escape is a poor substitute for Redemption. JAZ

(typed while listening to Sparks. See photo)

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