Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Christmas is on its way (i.e., 53 days until).

Can you feel Christmas breathing down your neck? Thanksgiving is less than four weeks away, which means that Christmas will be upon us in less than 10 weeks, or, less than 53 days. In eager anticipation, I appeal to good ole Kurtis Blow that he might help to set the mood. I think he speaks for us all:

"...This ain't 1823,
ain't even 1970.
Now I'm the guy named Kutis Blow,
and Christmas is one thing I know.
So every year about this time,
I celebrate it with a rhyme:
Gonna shake it, gonna bake it, gonna make it good,
gonna rock, shock, knock it through ya neighborhood;
gonna read, gonna sing it 'til it's understood,
my rappin' 'bout to happen
like a knee you was slappin',
or a toe you been tappin'
on a hunk of wood..."

(excerpt taken from his gem, "Christmas Rapping")


Anonymous said...

Hey John, when are you coming back to NYC?? Because as soon as you do, I need to take you to the Hip-Hop Church in Harlem. It's two and a half hours of Christian rap (with a couple of soulful numbers thrown in the mix) on W 145 Street. And the DJ? None other than KURTIS BLOW himself!! It's an experience I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss (needless to say).
--Steve Sargent.

John Zahl said...

December, Steve! You, me and Kurtis Blow...