Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amazing Maggie Thatcher interview with Barbara Frum (on Canadian TV, 1983):

click this link:
Maggie Thatcher -- blankin' blank and takin' names (in 1983)

Blurb: "It is one of Barbara Frum's most combative interviews for The Journal: her conversation with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Frum had meticulously prepared for the interview with the "Iron Lady" by watching Thatcher skewer a British journalist. Despite Frum's preparation and determination to not let the interview get away from her, Thatcher ends up bullying Frum as well.

The Journal's executive producer Mark Starowicz would later recall how the two women instantly disliked each other. As evident in the clip, there is no love lost between these two powerful women. The tension is thick, the mood is hostile and both sides are out for blood. It makes for an unforgettable interview."

--I think she comes across as being both extremely bright and attractive. JAZ


Joel W said...

Great clip. Nice site, too. Josh told me about it. Take care.

John Zahl said...

Thanks Joel. Good to hear from you! JAZ

E. Twist said...

JAZ, can you send me the video directly? For some reason I can't get it to work.

Anonymous said...

"I think she comes across as being both extremely bright and attractive"

Which one?

John Zahl said...

The Iron Lady, obviously! JAZ