Monday, November 14, 2005

Don't miss the music!

If there is anything that I have worked hard on in the last month, it's the musical segments that are to be found on this blog! Neurotically, I worry that I have buried them amidst too much other blog fluff and palaver, and that people are not listening to them. Consequently, I want to underscore their significance in my own life as this-here-blog-master. Don't miss out on that which has come hard-earned, at the work place of my entire life's favorite distraction and hobby; obscure music. Here are the links to each of them, reposted for your convenience (from the guy who loves "ya", JAZ):

The Most Disturbing Song Ever Recorded! (Click Me)

Show Me On The Doll (Online favorites pt. 1) -- Click Me!

Show Me On The Doll (Online favorites pt.2) -- Click Me!

Post-Punk Mix (Click Me)

Abstract Mix (Click Me)

80s-Stlye Hip-Hop Mix (Click Me)

Electro-Pop Mix - pt. 1 (Click Me)

Electro-Pop Mix - pt. 2 (Click Me)

(unrelated) footnote: What do my two favorite movies (Waiting for Guffman & Last Days of Disco) have in common?

answer: This guy, Matt Keeslar -->


Corky St. Claire said...

"I hate you, and I hate your ass face!"

Tom Becker said...

Is that Dan C?

Anonymous said...

Dan C? That's Frank the hot theologian...

Anonymous said...

"The Most Disturbing Song Ever" really is...on a number of levels. First of all, it's major schlock, which detracts from its great and true message---it was such a major cheese-fest, it's hard to imagine anyone sitting through the whole 15-minutes to get the story....(oh, really?... Oh, it was just a minute long?--it only SEEMED like 15 or 20? Well, whaddya know)
I don't know your blog well enough to know how ironic/moronic/faux-hip this clip is supposed to be---I do feel like I know your theological bent well enough to presume that you're in no way pro-abortion, but this is SO bad, I have no idea who the intended audience could be.
What up?