Saturday, November 12, 2005

Arguably the Most Disturbing Song Ever Recorded:

Like many, I too had underestimated the volatile power of Christian ventriloquism. Then I heard this: Click Me!

p.s., please comment on your initial reaction to it if you feel so moved.


Tim Galebach said...

I'm utterly speechless. That chorus may never leave my head.

Hans-Georg Gadamer said...

I don't think there are any words to describe that "song." What do you think is the most common response to that song:
1. Wow! Christians really care about life and I should listen to them because of this.
2. Christians are unbelievably morib and weird, I better not go near them or I will start think about this crap.

My guess is the second one.

Joshua Corrigan said...

I have never simultaneously laughed and cried so hard or so sincerely. This reminds me of walking through the revolving doors of Century 21 in NYC, but worse. The audacity!

E. Twist said...

Has anybody seen my soul? It left halfway through the song.

Hans-Georg Gadamer said...

Zadok pointed out a spelling mistake in my comment. "morib" should be "morrbidde." Sorry about that.

pat conley said...

Wow. "Look Who's Talking" part 4: rated NC-17.