Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post-Punk Mix (click on the link below):

Post-Punk Mix
1. Roxy Music: Love Is the Drug
2. Faust: The Sad Skinhead
3. Pere Ubu: Ubu Dance Party
4. Magazine: Song from under the Floorboards
5. Gang of Four: Is It Love
6. A Certain Ratio: Shack Up
7. Material: Reduction
8. Liquid Liquid: Out
9. The Raincoats: Fairytale in the Supermarket
10. The Homosexuals: Astral Glamour
11. Vitesse: When Nothing's Changed
12. Wire: The 15th

total length: 40 minutes

Folks, hold on to your seat belts! I've got three new mixes in the immediate works (Hip-Hop, Christian, Quirky/Humorous), plus a 7-part series for those interested in probing the relationship between (failed) works-based-righteousness and the phenomenon of the "One Hit Wonder." Coming soon! JAZ

p.s., If the link doesn't work, I can email you a copy. Just put your address in a comment, and I'll delete your comment once I've sent it to you.

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