Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Alister McGrath quote (on Augustine):

from "Christian Theology"--

(p.13) "Augustine may also be argued to have made key contributions to three major areas of Christian theology: the doctrine of the church and sacraments, arising from the Donatist controversy (see pp. 478-80); the doctrine of grace, arising from the Pelagian controversy (see pp. 443-9); and the doctrine of the Trinity (see pp. 331-4)."

Can we not infer much from this little excerpt? I find it interesting that he devotes more than twice as much of his written thought in this basic text book on introductory theology to "the doctrine of grace, arising from the Pelagian controversy". Don't you? What are his ratios? Are they your's? --JAZ

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Jeff Dean said...

"For the Reformation, inwardly considered, was just the ultimate triumph of Augustine's doctrine of grace over Augustine's doctrine of the Church."
--Warfield, Calvin and Augustine, 321-22