Thursday, January 19, 2006


Dad is sick. Here is an excerpt from my mom's email regarding his condition:

"They suspect a blockage
or paralysis of part of his intestine. We have not yet gotten the full
report, but he is in the hospital, having nothing by mouth. His
spirits are good, and the surgeon thinks he does not look too bad, and
the problem may be righting itself. Regardless, we will not know until
tomorrow what the plan is. Surgery is a possibility, but I was
relieved that the surgeon is not knife-happy.

"That's it. What is the prayer? For healing, however God wants to do
it, and preferably, the quickest and easiest way possible."

Thanks for all your support!

love, ever, JAZ


king billy drake said...

thanks for the update. we are praying in hartford!

Cate West said...

All of Clinton, New York and the Greater Washington Area are praying as well.

And damn good prayers, at that.

Joshua Corrigan said...

We are praying in B-ham my friend.

Tom Becker said...

Will be praying for your dad.

David said...

Here is an update from Maxine, Paul's secretary:

I just talked with Paul and the doctors have found that his problems have been caused by a kidney stone. They are going to operate this afternoon at 12:30 to remove it – they can’t zap it for some reason - and then he may be able to go home later today or tomorrow. He hopes to be back on campus on Tuesday.

He and Mary are relieved they have found the problem and it’s not as serious as it might have been. But they do ask that you keep them in your prayers as he goes to surgery this afternoon.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know anything more.


Jeff Dean said...

All of Harvard is praying.

(William Shatner is trying to sell his kidney stones on ebay.)

E. Twist said...

So glad to hear your dad is well.

David said...

Update on Paul:

Just a short update on PZ. He was out of surgery at 2:10 or so, but Mary hadn’t yet seen him. I’ve been told that the doctors were pleased with the results. Not sure whether or not he’s being kept overnight.


Tim Galebach said...

That's great news.