Friday, January 13, 2006

Insightful comment about Narnia:

"Most churches will try to turn you into a 'Susan'."


Jeff Dean said...

And most people will self-identify as a Peter.

barney said...

whoever made that comment about narnia is spot on. and churches certainly need more people who are consumed by their super-ego.

Anonymous said...

an analogy:

John Camp Oxford is to me as crack is to Pete Doherty.

Dylan Potter said...

Wow, he is back! For a minute there I thought John had been translated into heaven like Enoch. I so admire John for not having a savior complex though.

Anyway, great thought there about Susan isn't it? In reality we are really much closer to Edmund, selliing our loyalties just so we can stuff our faces with Turkish delight. (By the way, am I the only one who thinks it tastes like gummie bears?)

Ethanasius said... did you get so darn witty? I just can't keep up with you.

David said...

You are so right, John Zahl! This week's episode of the White Horse Inn actually tackles the subject.

Dylan is also right. We are all Edmunds, Judases, and Absaloms.

Anonymous said...

John Camp Oxford is to me as Turkish delight is to Edmund.