Sunday, January 22, 2006

Go Steelers?

"It's only football. But since the mills closed and the Steelers arose in the 1970s, this football team and its on-field exploits have been part of the fabric of Pittsburgh, of Western Pennsylvania, of the Steelers Nation. Perhaps they're even too closely woven."

--quoted from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Jan. 22, '06)


Tim Galebach said...

Is this the first sports-related John Camp post?


Anonymous said...

Are the Steelers going to the Superbowl this year?

Anonymous said...

I love the redskins. and so will my children.

John Zahl said...

I don't really understand sports. I was not really raised on them. I have actually never seen my father watch a sporting event.

I recently had an unfortunate conversation with a UVA Law student who started talking to me about sports. I just didn't know what to say, or even how to approach the conversation. I felt like one of those people in a coma who can open their mouth, but can't make a sound. Sports render me silent. Also, I don't really like competition. The greatest thing about Wycliffe is the lack of competitive atmosphere.

There was a time called High School when I played JV Volleyball, and swam on a Swiss swim team. Those experiences left me all the more committed to my pursuit of nicotene intake. Dumb. It was really difficult to get into trying hard in any capacity when I was 17 and my favorite band was The Cure, especialy having settled on apathy as being the only true avenue that consistently leads to "cool". I have since developed an entire theology around defended that exact position.

Regarding "Sport", what do I need to know?

Dylan Potter said...

Reminds me of South Park episode called "Rasins" where Stan starts to hang with the Goth kids.

Goth Girl: Shallow life.
Drowning alone, I gasp for air.
Coldness creeps over pale skin.
There is sadness so deep it pulls me down
Happiness dies in a deep, dark sea.
Goth 1: Yeah, happiness dies. [his bang fall over his eye, he jerks his head back]
Stan: [dressed all in black, with puffball] Yeah.
Goth 2: All right, your turn, Stan. Read one of your poems about pain.
Stan: [takes up his paper and reads his poem]
There is darkness all around me
Deep, piercing black, I cannot breathe
My heart has been raped.
Goth Girl: Whoa.
Stan: The pain is everlasting.
I miss you so much, babe.
Want to hold you in my arms again, girl.
Want to-
Goth 1: Whoa, whoa! Dude! Those last two lines aren't Goth!
Stan: They're not?
Goth 2: No, dude! You can't say "I miss you so much, babe. I want to hold you in my arms."
Goth Girl: Make it "I miss seeing you so much I wanna slash my eyes out with razor blades."
Goth Girl's Mom: [the bedroom door opens and she looks inside] Henrietta! Hi sweetie!
Henrietta: Go away Mom! Leave me alone!
Henrietta's Mom: Daddy and I just got your birthday present! But you can't see what it is till tomorrow!
Henrietta: You'd like to wait till I was dead, wouldn't you? You'd like to see maggots eat my face.
Henrietta's Mom: Ee-you are so creative, honey.
Henrietta: Conformist bitch.
Other Goths: Yeah.

simeon said...

No idea how to square sports theologically; all I know is that it's really awesome to watch basically super-human people doing incredible things under very high pressure. To me it can be summarized by that time Vince Carter dunked by jumping _over_ this 7 foot 2 French guy in the Olympics. Link, anyone? Sports are especially fun to watch with people who love them and know everything about them and are willing to explain everything to you without being condescending (i.e. Criz and Nick Reifsnyder).

In terms of the theology: thoughts, Criz and Galebach? Or is this more in the "whatever, Vince Carter jumping over a 7 foot dude is just awesome" category? (I'm thinking the latter)

Also, go Steelers!

Tim Galebach said...

Simeon - sports and theology are totally unrelated, except inasmuch as sports make theology really shitty, especially in the case of analogy. Given the choice, I might trade the theology for the sports though.

As far as the appeal of sports, seeing non-humans do ridiculous things is 40% of the appeal.

The main reason I watch sports is that I like complete, closed systems. The sense of helplessness is also great. I would say that sports basically fill a neurosis that I have for organization.

Tom Becker said...

I became a Steelers fan when I lived in the Burgh 9 yrs ago. I've got a hat AND t-shirt.

I hated sports for years, but have become somewhat obssesed with checking CNNSI online, and believe there is a strong connection between my feelings about work and my new interest in professional sports.

cew said...

For me, since my dad didn't have any boys, I had to love sports and play them. And excel at playing them. So that he would love me. Peace out!

Anonymous said...

African Child Loves His ‘World Champion Seahawks’ T-Shirt

February 9, 2006 | Onion Sports

KAMPALA, UGANDA—10-year-old Akello Semesseke, wearing the new "World Champion Seattle Seahawks" T-shirt given to him Tuesday by an anonymous NFL-licensed promotions manufacturer, expressed his gratitude for the gift while admitting he was not familiar with the sport of American football. "The Seahawks must be as generous of heart as they are victorious on the field of whatever sport they play to share their clothing with us," said Semesseke, whose entire village was given one each of the teal and gray shirts, with one exception. "My father refused his new shirt," Semesseke explained, "because although he did need one, he felt it would be disrespectful to the World Champion Eagles, who kindly gave him both a shirt and cap last year." Semesseke added that if the Seahawks had included 80 cents a day along with the shirt, he could eat.

Anonymous said...

my theology... god doesn't love the steelers, Pittsburg, or any Steelers fan/Pittsburg resident.

Anonymous said...

screw the steelers