Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Show Me on the Doll - pt. 2

Lovefingers.org (Click Me!) is hosting my newest mix! This one features a few of my very own edits, and, as always, some special records. Bon appetite!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I was thinking about you and I remembered that you had a blog page so I decided to go to it. It's wonderful to hear that you're almost married. Did you have the wedding yet? Let me know so that I can send you congrats. Looking at your crazy pictures, it seems like you're doing well.

Much love,

AMvL said...


You are the world's most preeminent bedroom dj. I did not realize that this was the case until I saw that you are in the same lineup as DJ Harvey, this is the best trick you have ever pulled off, AMAZING!

Well Played,


John Zahl said...

"Same lineup"? You mean, featured on the same web site as one of his mixes. Not quite the thing you are suggesting, (i.e., he knows so much about music and I know just enough to know how little I know when compared to the likes of DJ Harvey, etc.).