Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2 quotes from Melanchthon (and a photo from Deirdre's bridal shower)

"Scripture differs from human reason in its view of the power of the
law. Scripture calls law 'the power of anger', 'the power of sin',
'the scepter of the avenger', 'lightning', 'thunder'. Human reason
calls it 'a corrector of crimes' and 'an instructor in living'."

"For the putting to death, the judgment, and the confounding of the
sinner, wrought by the Spirit of God through the law, begin the
justification and moreover the genuine baptism of man. And for this
reason, just as the Christian life must certainly begin with the
knowledge of sin, so Christian doctrine must begin with the function
of the law."


hershey belvedere said...

That'll make the South rise again, if anything will!

Laurenwoods17 said...

Getting ready for SC I assume!