Sunday, December 10, 2006

JAZ's picks from YouTube:






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Catherine said...

Hey John!!

Nathan and I enjoyed these...what a flashback with Xanadu...I had that album when it came out (make me feel very old.) Nathan says hi, he wants to know who you are marrying and to see a picture. He had such a great time with you this summer, and remembers "pirating" fondly.

Bless you!
Catherine Warner

AMvL said...

the first was stunning. the last was confusing: how did that wind up on a legal advice page? totally weird.

speaking of videos, you may want to check out pitchfork's top 100, per my "fetish for snobbery" (to bastardize a phrase from an old mtv add analyzing the billy idol video "rock the cradle of love" appropriate! -> watch me pose as a small furry animal):

Dylan Potter said...

Oh come on! How can you not go for # 2? It has everything...a creepy guy with a foreign accent, dancing, all topped off with a strong sexual innuendo.

However, this short clip is just as worthy as the others:

Justin said...

Five Miles Out, Again. John, you are the man...