Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shooby sings Johnny Cash

In light of all the current Johnny Cash hype, consider Shooby Taylor's rendition of "Fulsom Prison Blues".
Shooby Sings Johnny Cash - Click Me!


Zadok said...

John, I can't believe that you recorded people in st.aldates speaking in tongues and plastered it onto a johnny cash track. that's low.

Anonymous said...

This was a weak post at best, John. Now I know Simeon's essay is probably a home run (haven't bothered to read it yet), but after a week of nothing you come back to us with not much effort and this sad old man who's not that funny (OK, maybe he's SORTA funny). Now we love you and there's that whole "grace" thing but please, get back to it!

John Zahl said...

I disagree. This is not a lame post. My earlier post on Shooby Taylor was not appreciated by enough people, so I wanted to draw attention to him once again. You may think it trite, but, to be fair, it's what I found myself thinking about after seeing "Walk the Line". As far as I'm concerned, Shooby Taylor has the final word on Johnny Cash!

Dylan Potter said...

Well John, as far as the obvious connection between Shooby and wedding processionals is concerned, this track is officially the strongest contender to replace the terribly pretentious (and overdone)
"Trumpet Voluntary" by Purcell.