Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PZ quote (plus two songs echoing a similar sentiment)

"You will recall that earlier in the 'Primer', I discussed the comparison of a theology of the Crost and a theology of glory -- that glory in life is realized first through suffering and innocent affliction. But God raises the dead. He brings into existence things that do not yet exist. He spins out of straw, as in the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin or, more metaphorically, as in the Disney classic movie Dumbo, in which the source of affliction (the poor elephant's enormous ears) becomes his source of escape because they allow him to fly" (p. 55).

This song features the lyric that also served as album title: "Misery is a Butterfly". Blonde Redhead are so, so good!!! Blonde Redhead - Misery Is A Butterfly (Click Me!)

Similarly, this song reminds me of Paul's "Now we see through a glass darkly" sentiment. Roxy Music (my favorite band of the moment, which is a little sad because their sound is very 30-something-ish) do it again. Also, they relate to the quote above in that Bryan Ferry was born and raised in Milton Keynes (i.e., Nazareth)! Roxy Music - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Click Me!)


Tim Galebach said...

Holy shit, that Blonde Redhead song is awesome!

You also mentioned something about theology, or resurrection, or strength in weakness. Sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I believe the link to "Pink Love," actually plays the track "Misery is a Butterfly." Just letting you know.

Tim Galebach said...

I found that out for myself hours later when I downloaded Misery is a Butterfly, and thought, "wow, this sounds a LOT like Pink Love!"