Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dad's Christianity Primer now available online from Paladium Press:

Link -- Click Me!

(After visiting the link, ask yourself this question about the upper left-hand corner quotation from Lord Carey). Do you think Lord Carey helped them choose the font? If yes, do you think it was before, or after Betty Crocker stole it for her recipe titles in 1963?


Tom Becker said...

This book is the bomb, and in purple makes a nice addition to any library.

cjdm said...

this aesthetic choices for the ad are really incredible. "the world has been waiting for this book.........AND NOW ITS HERE!"

right on.

Tom Becker said...

I just ordered a second copy. Seriously, this book kicks major ass.

art said...

Okay, now I have a Christmas wish list- If it is as engrossing as PZ’s “A Short Systematic Theology”, I will be reading with weary eyes late into the night