Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bench Press of Love (JAZ's Ordination Disco Mix)

1. Who’s Who: Dancin’ Machine
2. Supermax: Fly With Me
3. Major Swellings: Pole Vaulter’s Delight
4. Discotheque: Disco Special
5. Peter Brown: Burning Love Breakdown
6. Gonzalez: Just Let It Lay
7. Mantus: Slidin’ To The Music
8. Stargard: Keep Knockin’
9. Giorgio Moroder: Knights In White Satin
10. Dennis Parker: Like An Eagle
11. Gene Farrow: Can You Keep It Up All Night?
12. Suzy Q: Get On Up And Do It Again
13. Gino Soccio: Try It Out
14. Tony Orlando: Don’t Let Go
15. Demis Roussos: I Dig You
16. Rinder & Lewis: Anger
17. Nightlife Unlimited: If I Gave You More
18. The Osmonds: Steppin’ Out
19. K.I.D.: Don’t Stop
20. Black Gold: C’mon Stop
21. J.T. Connection: Butterfly Suite (pt. 3)
22. Five Letters: May You Can
23. Space: Carry On, Turn Me On
24. Mantus: Dancin’ Freestyle
25. Quantum Jump: The Lone Ranger


Mr. T said...

Does this mean John Camp has been ressurected?

Social Disco Club said...

Thanks for the coment!
To be honnest i dont know the song That thing by That thing (AVI Records)...
Im really curious about this song, but i can find it.
Can you help me..?
Btw, nice blog!

Social Disco Club said...

Love it..

Do you have it in mp3...?

John Zahl said...

Mr. T,

We'll find out, but I'm hoping fresh inspiration keeps coming. xxx, JAZ

Ethan said...

Couldn't have ordained a better man.

tommy boy said...

coolest soul I know