Friday, April 13, 2007

The John Zahl (somewhat definitive) mix-tape selections.

Mix-Tape Classics (Click Me!)


that thing, supermax, jan hammer group, phil & friends band, ganymed, monks, vivien vee, liquid mask, kazino, will powers, gina x, love international, fern kinney, nightlife unlimited, voyage, demis roussos, osmonds, skatt bros., yoko ono, czukay wobble & liebezeit, electric chairs, & prince

(Taken from my Viva-Radio show's 4th installment)

Also, for those of you wanting to survey some classic Italian pop from the early 80s, Click Me!


Sarah Richey said...

love love love the latest tunes!!

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. Have you given up on it?

Caleb Chancey said...


that's all I got.

but it's yours.