Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Is boogie allowed on board?" (a mix)

"Is boogie allowed on board?" (mix) -- Click Me!

1. Chalice: Loosen Up
2. Billy Thorpe: Stimulation
3. Greg Kihn Band: Love Never Fails
4. Soft Rocks: Double Gepardou
5. Vivien Vee: Alright
6. Baja: Mascara (vocal)
7. KID: Hupendi Musiki Wangu
8. David Joseph: Live It Up (Nite People)
9. British Colony: Have You Ever Seen Me Dancin'?
10. Suzy Q: Get On Up and Do It Again
11. Mantus: Boogie to the Bop
12. Michael Jackson: Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
13. Chas Jankel: 3,000,000 Synths
14. David Astri: Dancing Digits
15. Purple Flash Orchestra: We Can Make It (instrumental)


Zadok said...
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Zadok said...

how far you've come - why, I can remember the days when you couldn't match a beat for shi%.

AMvL said...

Burke is looking younger every day

Anonymous said...

What programs do you use to make thiese mixes? I want to make mixes, too!

John Zahl said...

I use two turntables, a mixer, and my mac, using the program "audio hijack". Go for it!

Zadok said...

that was admirably (and appropriately) smug

AMvL said...

i use a bar of soap, a pool cue, and a mannequin hand

sarah richey said...

john--i love it. love it!!! boogie is definitely allowed on board here. sbr

John Zahl said...

Thanks Sarah! Stay tuned for the next installment...

John Zahl said...

45 people have downloaded this mix so far! I am flattered. --JAZ

Floater McFloatington said...

it's a floater!