Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coming Up Short (another mix)

Coming Up Short (mix) -- Click Me!

1. Disco Power Play: The Crazy Frog
2. Major Swellings: Assquake
3. Osmonds: I, I, I,
4. Alan Parsons Project: Mammagamma Instrumental
5. Roxy Music: The Main Thing
6. Eno / Byrne: Regiment (@45)
7. Space Art: Laser in November
8. Quartz: Quartz 1
9. New Order: Mesh (@ 33)
10. Kazino: Binary
11. Jerry Harrison: Worlds in Collision
12. Cat stevens: was dog a doughnut
13. Quantum Jump: Lone Ranger
14. Landscape: Japan
15. Giampiero Boneschi: Saturn’s Ambush
16. Polyrock: Rain


Sun devil said...

Hey there, I love your blog! please visit my site at

John Zahl said...

Sun Devil, thanks for the compliment!

For those of you who don't know her, that's the lovely Deidre, my fiancee, in the photo.

sarah said...

i like this one too! a little more... je ne sais quoi... but we're going to Stratton this weekend and you've provided the soundtrack. thanks John! sbr

bpzahl said...

john, i love these mixes!

E. Twist said...

Nice job! A strong mix, as always.


John Zahl said...

Thanks Sarah, Bonnie, and Eric for the affirmations! To Sarah, I dedicate the "Was Dog a Doughnut?" by Cat Stevens track. Bonnie, to you, I dedicate the Polyrock track ("Rain") that closes the mix. And Eric, for you, I dedicate both the Osmonds ("I,I,I,") and Quantum Jump's "Lone Ranger" tracks.

All gems (for you gems)!!!

John Zahl said...

34 people have downloaded this mix!

cate west said...

i am not one of them,

cate west

John Zahl said...

41 and counting...

David said...

Who is that hot chick?