Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I am really enjoying my netflix membership at the moment. If you would like to become my netflix "friend", which would mean that you could see my movie ratings (all 200+) and the movies in my queue, just post your email address and I'll send you an invite. --JAZ


Justin said...

John -- Intro: You don't know me. But I'm an evangelical Anglican minister in NYC. I've read your Blog a bit recently. Enjoying it.

Re Netflicks. It is rare to find a product and a service that is so satisfying. I can't find see the downside.

John Zahl said...

Justin, welcome to John Camp! Glad to have you. I notice you're from Australia. Diocese of Sydney? Do you know Matt Russell? Are you responsible for bringing Fitz Allison to NYC soon (via John Mason)? ...

so good to meet a new person. Maybe we can meet up in NYC at some point. Have you met Jacob Smith, a new minister at Calvary/St. George's? He's one of my favorite people on earth! Best (in Him), JAZ

Justin said...

JAZ -- I am diocese of Sydney. And I know Matheson quite well! Good man.

I'm not sure if we are responsible re Fitz Allison, but he is visiting us here in NYC. I never asked John Mason how the arrangement happened.

Let me know if you are in NYC. And re Jacob Smith. No, I don’t know him, but he sounds like the kind of person I'd like to meet. I might look him up.

I’m up for the Netflicks exchange -- jmoff at hotmail dot com. You can view the glory and the garbage of my family’s films.

cate west said...


I would not like to be your friend on netflicks.

- Cate

Tim Galebach said...

Justin - the downside is when you have an empty queue of movies waiting, but you don't have the energy to do the research to update your queue.

I didn't know you could be friends with people though, that changes everything.

John Zahl said...

Very funny, Cate. Check your inbox.


p.s., for those of you wondering how the Law works, read Cate's post above, then check her inbox (where you will now find over 40 invitations to be my "netflix friend"!). The idea hadn't even occured to me until I read her post. What did it say again? "Thou shalt not covet, I mean, be my 'netflix friend'..."

Jeff Dean said...


If the Holy Spirit moves upon you, you will make me your netflix friend.

sarah said...

hi john, LOVING the blog and comments recently, it's great!

can i be your friend on netflix? we just signed up and need some inspiration. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer — please do make me your netfliz friend! We haven't found much worth watching and this should be a big help. I'm at tkturnbull AT

I too like Fitz Allison, took a sabbatical with my family at Oxford in 85-86 (but was too burnt out to do formal work at Wycliff Hall, though they'd accepted me,) functioned as an Episcopalian priest for 40 years (though the last 12 were under a medical retirement) and loved Franny and Zooey. I read that last when it came out in the New Yorker in about 1958 or 59 and ALWAYS wanted to say the Jesus Prayer, even while an aethist > agnostic > yogin > taoist > zen buddhist! Last January that love came to fruition and my wife and I were chrismated into the Orthodox Church in America, where I am no longer an (interesting or not) anomaly but am content within a beautiful and richly profound like-minded Family. Cheers & Blessings, Tom Turnbull