Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Dear All,

I arrived in Charleston, on Saturday for Andrew Pearson's wonderful wedding to Lauren. Attended fantastic, refreshing services, both contemporary and Rite 1, at Church of the Holy Cross, Sullivan's Island where I have now begun my summer placement, which is already proving an amazing opportunity to learn much about top-notch parish ministry. Such a joy to be back in the South (not to mention near the beach)!

Love, JAZ


mike burton said...


Mike Burton here.

I'm right here in Charleston.

Would just love to get together for a cold beer (or iced tea, just something cold) anytime you are free.

Would be great to meet you in the flesh!


simeon zahl said...

Hurray for Andrew Pearson's wedding!

AMvL said...

I hear John is working on his tan from the top of a surfboard!

emily correale said...

john you should call me i would love to see you! 2035243225