Thursday, June 08, 2006

A really funny tattoo:

and another:

For more of the same, and some of them are very hilarious, check out these links (be warned, some of these are graphic, and/or gross):

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AMvL said...

This Saturday, June 17th, a party was held to celebrate John and Deirdre’s engagement in a New York City loft apartment, just blocks away from Gramercy Park. He wore a blue blazer, she wore a black and white dress. Many of their friends and family were in attendance. At the height of the party, a gorilla burst into the room, and then burst into song. The evening was an overall success.

Eve said...

I just spent 10 miserable minutes looking over the tattoos. YIKES. (Why 10 minutes? you might legitimately ask....hmmmmm)
I was at first scared to read a comment on the "tattoo" post...then when I quickly scanned Art's comment and read: "celebrate engagement.." "...height of the party", etc. my fear turned to dread.
What would it be? An enormous Martin Luther head on John's neck? A big "LAW" on one palm and "GRACE" on the other? A portrait of the entire Zahl family on Deidre's back??!
What a relief to read about the singing gorilla.