Thursday, April 06, 2006

Excerpt from a recent sermon by PZ:

"This is really the point of my sermon:

We talk about forgiveness, and, golly, haven't you heard a zillion trillion sermons about forgiveness of sinners, ...but it never actually happens.

When lightning actually strikes and sin actually rears its powerful head in the world, Christians, generally speaking, shut down, and they shut the door, and they are very merciless, and unforgiving. It's just an absolute habit.

This is why lapsed Roman Catholics and lapsed evangelicals predominate in NYC. Most NYC young people have come from environments where all they heard when sin came into the door was some form of accusation and judgement from what they interpretted as the Christian community. So they, in turn, say 'sianara'.

Do we actually believe a word of what we so stentoriously and with such bravado speak about all the time? Do we actually believe it for a sec?

Well, I'm very sceptical."

p.s., If you want me to email you a full mp3 copy of this sermon, just leave your email address in the comments section, which I'll delete after I've sent it your way. --JZ


mike burton said...

JZ -

Thanks for the sermon.

As usual, your dad is right on.

The quote from the photographer PZ used in the sermon was powerful.


Jeff Dean said...

stentoriously: adverb. "very loudly"

Zahl brothers: Does he realize he uses words like that, or do they slip by totally unconsciously?

Tim Galebach said...

DON'T feed the mythology.

bpzahl said...

Jeff: maybe only when he's preaching, because he doesn't say it at the dinner table when SZ and I are around...

Then again, PZ tells me to "police the table" which, I think, is the most genius use of the word "police" as a verb.

But that doesn't really answer your question. Sorry.

(HI PAUL-DAD! Simeon and I think you're great!)

Ethanasius said...

Hey, I'll take a copy!



Jeff Dean said...

Jokes aside, I think PZ has an amazing point here.

What's the cheesy old saying? Christians are the only armed force that shoots its on wounded?

The only reason that statement doesn't get my full endorsement is because everyone is wounded and we'd all be shot!

Anonymous said...

Could I have a copy too? I need a good sermon! Where have all the preachers gone?

Maybe TESM should send some to Oxford (not a joke).


David said...

Send me one, too, John. I was the acolyte sitting right next to him during that service. It was the first time I have really seen your Dad breathe fire. One of the best sermons I have heard.

Dylan Potter said...

I would like a copy also if it is not too much trouble. And a box of cookies. Old Cookie Monster bit-only avid Sesame Street fans will get that one. (Secretly wondering if, like PZ's obscure cultural references, I can use off-beat illustrations from kid's TV shows in my sermons.)

Jeff Dean said...

This sermon is available for download on iTunes now.