Monday, February 13, 2006

Ed Carson reflects upon the "Footsteps in the Sand" poem:

"John, when I looked back on my life and saw only one set of footprints in the sand, I realized that the Nintendo 64 had been carrying me the whole time!"


AMvL said...

There is an alternate version of this classic entitled "Buttprints in the Sand"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Art, I love that one too, but the bad theology of it (law trumps grace) makes it problematic. how about one of the geniuses on this site take that on as a re-write, with appropriate theology.
I guess the buttprints would come when we said ":Hey Jesus, put me down---I can take it from here" and not just when he just gets tired of doing all the heavy lifting.
Sim? Tim?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's how I broke my Atari 7800. Good times.
John, just wanted you to know that I stop by sometimes.
Take care.

John Zahl said...

Hi Travis! Glad to know you're still out there. Hope this finds you well and that we meet up again at some point! Best, JAZ

Joshua Corrigan said...

Travi! Good to hear from you buddy!