Friday, February 03, 2006

Current interests (musically):

Fela Kuti

Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Links"

A Certain Ratio

Grandmaster Flash (I guess my musical taste has come full circle. I got this album for Christmas when I was 9. Still so good! As far as new genre-defining songs go, "the message" is hard to top!)

Polyrock (first album produced by P.Glass)

DJ Harvey and also David Mancuso

Miles Davis 1969-1975



Tom Becker said...

Fela Kuti is the bomb. Believe it or not I started listenting to him when I lived in the Burgh. There's an incredible not-for-profit radio station out there called WYEP (Member supported, but NOT NPR) and they place all kinds of great stuff. There was a really good indie shop as well in Shady Side on Walnut Street - 2nd floor of some bld. Check it out when you're back there.

Art said...

To see Grandmaster Flash in action check out the classic movie "Wild Style". It's a quasi-documentary/ love story about the emergence of hip hop culture in NY. The movie shows how hip hop was born as a reaction to adversity. The art comes out in the form of music (turntablism), poetry (rap), dance (breaking), and painting (graffiti). It’s about people in a depressing environment and hopeless environment finding and expressing something of beauty despite their surroundings. It is a great movie; funny, cool, kitschy, and really quite moving. Check it.