Monday, February 11, 2008

JAZ Mixes

Here are links to most of the mixes I've made in the last year:

Disco-Rock Mix for "Cosmic Disco"Leather Get Going or HERE

"ARAWA" 1st Anniversary Mix: Biluminescently or HERE

Show Me on the Doll mixes on "Lovefingers":Show Me (pt. 2) and Show Me (pt. 4)

Cosmic mix for "Cosmic Disco":Cosmic 101 or HERE

Mix for "Another Night on Earth": Press Play #8: Fresh into the Sexy Night or HERE

Mix for "24 Hours": Slow-Wave or HERE

Mini-mix for "Talking in Stereo": Furby Mini-Mix or HERE

Mix for "Video Kitten": Amor Mix

Show Me on the Doll (pt. 3) for "Talking in Stereo": Show Me (pt. 3) or HERE


Drake said...

I was just about to ask for another mix positng!! Thank goodness for the compilation. ps. Sarah and I spent a some time this past weekend introducing new friends to the JAZ collection...

James Phillips said...

logan's run meet escape from NY added with a little HSN? Yow-zuh!!!!