Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ashley Null quotes:

"With reason and will both captive to the concupiscence of the flesh, only the intervention of an outside force, the Holy Spirit, could give humanity a new set of godly affections... Confidence in God's gracious goodwill towards them reoriented the affections of the justified, calming their turbulent hearts and inflaming in them a grateful love in return...when Cranmer came to the conclusion that any human goodness followed rather than preceeded justification, he crossed the Rubicon, with Rome behind and Germany ahead." (pp. 100-101)

"A sinner was considered sufficiently 'good' to be a son of God only because God first imputed Christ's goodness to him, not because God made him sufficiently 'good' in his own right beforehand. Thus, by faith in Christ's redeeming work a sinner was justified, and because he was in right-standing with God he was then granted the gift of the Hly Spirit in his heart which brought forth good works in his life." (p. 105)

"the Reformation was certainly a debate over the authority of Scripture but equally a debate over the interpretation of Augustine; for the Lutherans believed that the 'true theology' was essentially Scripture as interpreted in the anti-Pelagian writings of Augustine." (p. 103)


Calvinius said...

These are fantastic quotes from Ashley Null, Mr. Camp. That is also a great photo of Mr. Null's administrative assistant. She looks so, well, Protestant.

Joshua Corrigan said...

Are these from Ashley Null's (very expensive) book on Cranmer?

John Zahl said...

Thanks Calvinius, I agree! They are indeed taken from the expensive "Thomas Cranmer's Doctrine of Repentance", but, get this Hosh, it's now available in paperback for like 30 bucks! Well worth it!

Leigh Leopard said...

This book being where Fitz refers me on my ever now and then, on occasion, "freak-outs". Thankfully.