Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Developments:

Most importantly, Dad's new book for which many of us have been waiting a very long time, has just arrived. I am reading it now, engrossed, and eating up every page! It can be ordered from Amazon.com via the following link:


Also, I have a new two-hour radio show starting this Wednesday on Viva-Radio. It will air every other Wednesday, from 10pm-midnight, though, if you miss it, the show will be available from the Viva web-site's archives for two months after the initial show is broadcast. Do check it out, and pass the word on. There are many other great people contributing to the content as well, so maybe browse the archives a bit. I personally am especially fond of the sets by Bumrocks, Dan Selzer, and Jaques Renault, for starters.

Here's another link: CLICK ME!

Lastly, I have a mix going up on CosmicDisco.co.uk on the 31st of this month. This mix collects many of my favorites of recent years. It's more intellectual and less dancey than some of the others I've posted here.

Here's a link to CosmicDisco: CLICK ME!


mike burton said...


I too am reading the book, and am engrossed as well!

I'm about 80 pages in and It's just so... relevant!

Will check out your broadcast premiere on Wed.


Joshua Corrigan said...

So everyone knows,

"Your Chaperone" (aka JAZ) is no newcomer to the airwaves. He had the most inspired radio show (possibly the most popular) on WKCO Kenyon College during the late 90's. I hear there are archived tapes of some of these shows somwhere...

DJ BWYSE said...

Hey JAZ,
Thanks for stopping by appreciate it. Congrats on the viva show (looking forward to it). Reallly big fan of your edits and mixes.

Dreamchimney rules. Peace!!!