Sunday, November 05, 2006

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket (mix) - Click Me to Download!

(Pt. 1 – “Waiting for Guffman” intro)
1. Fern Kinney: Baby, Let Me Kiss You
2. Love International: Dance on the Groove (and do the funk)
3. Rosebud: Money
(Pt. 2 – “Swamp at Dusk”)
4. Liquid Mask: Just-A-Moment
5. Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out
6. Jerry Harrison: Worlds in Collision
7. Cat Stevens: Was Dog a Doughnut?
8. El Coco: Love Vaccine
(Pt. 3 – “Optimum Aviary”)
9. Harry Thuman: Underwater (@ 33)
10. That Thing: That Thing
11. Discotheque: Disco Special
12. Queen Samantha: Take a Chance
13. (This one is a surprise, but my hunch is that you'll recognize it!)


Tom Becker said...


King Billy Drake said...

haha!! these mixes are great. sarah and i continue to use them to set the mood in our apartment. we are not sure which is a better motivator- the disco or the techno? but i think the transitions are getting smoother with each mix!!

FreeThinker said...

Thanks for the party mix!

AMvL said...

John, great mix, smooth transitions. Funny, it seems the later I stay up working into the wee hours, the better it sounds. Right now it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m listening to Money. It has a swing and a float to it. So do I.

Justin said...

I haven't even thought about "Five Miles Out" in 20 years. That music shaped my teenage angst years...

Steen Bean said...

I'm waiting for the day that one of your video mixes gets posted on YouTube...