Thursday, January 06, 2011

JAZ's favorite mixes of the decade (2000-2010)

My faves (take your pick, these are all rad beyond belief!) -->

Mark 7: Slow Blow (my favorite mix of all time!)

Ryan Chimney/Beat Broker's "Cosmix" series (and "the slow beat mix")

Balearic Mike's "Cosmic Alphonsus" series & the two he did at Emergency in '06

DJ Zecky's "Bar Jam 19.05.04" pts. 1 & 2 

Relaxer's "Relaxer Goes Leather (Eagle 2006)"

Jeno's "Castle of the Imagination" pt. 1

Soft Rocks: Lower East Side Boogie

Hey Convict's BIS show (the one with Boomerang's 'Na Zapadou" track in it).

Albion: Mixtura series 

Charles Bals: Beach Freaks Don't Like Secrets

Hysteric's: Sun After Rain

Baris K's "Eurasia Mix" series

(obviously) Harvey's: Sarcastic Disco

Loud-E: Lazertown 2007 (and the IFMX transmission) 

Frank (of Voodoo Funk blog) "Lagos Disco Inferno" & "Show Me Your Backside"

Marni's "Lonely Galaxy"

Casco: the one he did live in London a few years ago with all the Italo classics

Javels/Cedric "Les Yeux dans les Yeux" 

Matthew Burgess: "The Love in your Eye"

Jan Hammered's "Airport Airport"

Tolouse Low Tracks: "Savant Dance"

Vidal Benjamin's "Balearic Nightmare"

Lexx: Love Without Sound

Alex Le-Tan's: When the Snow Falls

Nitedog & Lovefingers: Poolside Pleasures (live at the Ace Hotel)

Bumrocks & Hey Convict: Purple Brain

Fleming Dalum's "Boogie Down Rimini"

Sorcerer's "El IncreĆ­ble Viaje de la Hechicero"

Baldelli's "Cosmic Disc?! Cosmic Rock!!"

...and "A Mix by JAZ" (both discs) ;)