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Spike the Punch (Italo 101 Mega-Mix)

Re: Dennis Wilson

Wonderful to see Pacific Ocean Blues re-issued recently with much of the Bambu sessions material on it as well. Dennis Wilson is one of my all-time faves! The music he made toward the end of his quite tragic career was undeniably Christian. He was, for me, the archetype of the sinner-in-need-of-a-savior, albeit of a most drunken and sentimental variety, which may be why I like him so much, because of the extremity of his own predicament, and the deep need that his helplessness generated.

Here follow four wonderful quotes, all found on the recent re-release of Pacific Ocean Blues/Bambu Sessions:

"I believe my Jesus is in my soul. Come on brother, let's rock and roll." (Friday Night)

"I know a carpenter who had a dream, killed the man but you couldn't kill the dream. Who said it was easy? People gotta be free!" (Dreamer)

"My Jesus, you open up my heart and make me laugh when I'm feelin' down. No more lonely nights." (You and I)

"Turn the corner all alone? He meets you there. The one you love is everywhere, and you can follow. When summer burns and winter blows, the Holy Man. When you lose the innocence, he's standing there. Holy Man will meet you there." (The Holy Man)

Amazing, no? I think so. And wait 'til you hear the music and especially his tortured and beautiful voice! -JAZ+

p.s., For what it's worth, I could say most of the same things about Andy Gibb too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adolf Koberle quote:

"The sanctification of conduct by the strengthening of the will; the sanctification of the emotions by a strenuous training of the soul; the sanctification of thought by a deepening of the understanding; moralism, mysticism, speculation, these are the three ladders on which men continually seek to climb up to God, with a persistent purpose that it seems nothing can check; a storming of Heaven that is just as pathetic in its unceasing efforts as in its final futility." (p. 2, The Quest for Holiness)

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Y'all know about larping?

Which is better?

Magic Missle
Lightning Bolt

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...and check out the:

Dragon Fight (featuring World of Warcraft fantasy car in background at 0:59)