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JAZ in London (Sept. 22)

As a special one off party, Sixty Five records welcome from Charleston, USA the First Minister of Disco, John Zahl (JAZ) for a first time exclusive gig in London. Known for his obscure disco edits on Beard Science, Messalina and Sixty Five, his legendary mixes and weekly radio show, JAZ’s take on the disco edit genre is right up there with the best of them.

He’ll be supported by the Legendary Tone, Mudd & Simon Purnell.

7-2am FREE

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JAZ's favorite mixes of the decade (2000-2010)

My faves (take your pick, these are all rad beyond belief!) -->

Mark 7: Slow Blow (my favorite mix of all time!)

Ryan Chimney/Beat Broker's "Cosmix" series (and "the slow beat mix")

Balearic Mike's "Cosmic Alphonsus" series & the two he did at Emergency in '06

DJ Zecky's "Bar Jam 19.05.04" pts. 1 & 2 

Relaxer's "Relaxer Goes Leather (Eagle 2006)"

Jeno's "Castle of the Imagination" pt. 1

Soft Rocks: Lower East Side Boogie

Hey Convict's BIS show (the one with Boomerang's 'Na Zapadou" track in it).

Albion: Mixtura series 

Charles Bals: Beach Freaks Don't Like Secrets

Hysteric's: Sun After Rain

Baris K's "Eurasia Mix" series

(obviously) Harvey's: Sarcastic Disco

Loud-E: Lazertown 2007 (and the IFMX transmission) 

Frank (of Voodoo Funk blog) "Lagos Disco Inferno" & "Show Me Your Backside"

Marni's "Lonely Galaxy"

Casco: the one he did live in London a few years ago with all the Italo classics

Javels/Cedric "Les Yeux dans les Yeux" 

Matthew Burgess: "The Love in your Eye"

Jan Hammered's "Airport Airport"

Tolouse Low Tracks: "Savant Dance"

Vidal Benjamin's "Balearic Nightmare"

Lexx: Love Without Sound

Alex Le-Tan's: When the Snow Falls

Nitedog & Lovefingers: Poolside Pleasures (live at the Ace Hotel)

Bumrocks & Hey Convict: Purple Brain

Fleming Dalum's "Boogie Down Rimini"

Sorcerer's "El IncreĆ­ble Viaje de la Hechicero"

Baldelli's "Cosmic Disc?! Cosmic Rock!!"

...and "A Mix by JAZ" (both discs) ;)

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I'm selling some records:

My Discogs Store (Click Me!)

Happy belated 4th of July!

This is my favorite Jimi Hendrix moment:

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William Kilpatrick quote:

“It is very nearly the First Commandment of the psychological society that we should accept ourselves as we are. We are urged to greater self-awareness on the happy assumption that we will like what we find. We are, as the saying goes, OK. We just have to learn to be ourselves…In contrast, Christianity starts off by saying that we’re not OK the way we are. There is something wrong with us – a twist in our natures. And the twist is not removed by liking yourself” (The Emperor's New Clothes, pp. 20-21).

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Flaming Pianos

Walter Bense

From the intro to Holl's "Reconstruction of Morality":

"All traditional ethics -- whether focusing on virtues, culture, values, or duties -- are to be 'purified' by the (right) Christian ethic, which retains their good points even as it goes beyond them”.

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ORS - Who Built the Pyramids?

Great lighting at the beginning!

The much better instrumental version is: this.